Elspeth Hole


I’m a 19 year old photographer from Worcester. I purchased my first SLR in the summer of 2006 and I haven’t stopped snapping since. I’ve dabbled in various areas of photography including fashion, portraiture, glamour, editorial, weddings and band photography. The equipment I use is an Olympus OM10 Manual SLR, Pentax D*ist 6.2 DSLR, Lomography Holga Starter Kit and a Lomography Oktomat.

This blog is to record my journey into getting what I want; becoming a Fashion Photographer. It’s also my online scrap book where I record my influences, my latest work and whatever else fits! I will have a website up and running soon; http://www.elspethhole.co.uk is currently linked to this!

2 responses to “Elspeth Hole

  1. Deborah Frances

    Fantastic website Espeth. I had a lot of fun looking through your work – what a talented girl you are! I shall watch your progress with interest….
    Deborah x

  2. Rio Laurenti

    Great site Girl!
    There are some great shots here, your approach is compliemented by your attitude – Definitly in the Right Direction!
    Keep me updated!

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